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A “sneaky” Way To Turn Your Woman On…



Tired of all her excuses for not wanting sex?

Then use THIS sneaky method to bypass her usual objections and trigger intense arousal. (This even works if you haven’t had passionate sex in YEARS)…

A “sneaky” method to turn YOUR woman on


When I say “sneaky” – I’m not talking about deception, lying or anything negative.

By sneaky – I’m talking about avoiding LOGIC.

I see too many guys making this mistake.

They get frustrated at their woman for not wanting sex and then they start using logic to trying and PERSUADE her to want sex.

Well let me tell you something…

Trying to talk your woman into sex is one of the fastest ways to ensure you do NOT get sex.


Because logic and persuasion isn’t how you turn a woman on.

And no matter how clever your argument is as to why she SHOULD have sex with you – it still won’t work.

Because as soon as you try and persuade her with logic, you’re no longer speaking to the part of her brain responsible for sexual arousal.

You’re instead talking to her logical mind.

And if anything is for sure – it’s that this will definitely NOT get you laid.

Make sense?


So what do you do instead?

Start giving her what she NEEDS.

That means emotional stimulation.

That means you being confident, taking the lead, getting physical and taking control.

It’s a different way of approaching her and sex – and it’s the total opposite to trying to “talk her into it”.


I don’t have any more time today to dig deeper into this, but hopefully this has got you thinking about a new way of approaching sex with your woman – no matter what stage your relationships is at (just met, recently dating or been together for decades).

So look.

If you want to take this further then go read this…

It includes a set of actionable tips you can start using to turn your woman on with a lot more ease.

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Talk soon,


PS – By the way, I recommend you have an open mind while reading this.


Because if you’re not happy with your sex life as it is, something has to change, and clinging on to the same beliefs you currently have is not going to change it.

So if you want better results – i.e. a lot more sex, then be prepared to open up to new ideas.

Now – go ahead and read the WHOLE of this page linked above.

I guarantee your life will be better for it.


Secret Seduction Spray Review